three days in iceland

they said it always rains, but we only felt the sun

we spent a sleepless three days chasing the sunset or sunrise (never anything in between), discovering nameless rivers and waterfalls that never existed before that day's rainfall, and devouring bowls upon bowls of lamb stew. (1).gif

a new zealand road trip

with every turn, there was a new reason to fall in love

i. every morning, we woke up with the sun and looked at our surroundings for the first time in the light.

ii. there weren’t any expectations for the day. maps were strewn across my lap and around the car floor, but the maps could never fully explain how the sun crept on the curves of the road or how the soft hills transformed into staggering mountains.

iii. we walked everywhere, feeling the tightness of our thighs lifting from the ground and the heaviness of the earth pulling at our feet.

iv. every night, we drove in darkness until we found a little square of land to set up our tent, not knowing what was surrounding us, not knowing what we would find the next day.

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amongst the super bloom

spring 2017

after a long drought, southern california finally felt the magical touch of rainfall, and the landscape was drenched in lush green hues. that spring, colors began to emerge from the ground beneath our feet. we threw our heads against the sky and wandered barefoot into the fields, remembering the wildness that lies within.


dazed in joshua tree

a world where the pages of dr. seuss and the paintings of dali come alive.

these were days spent climbing stacked rocks, feeling wind between our hair, chasing the sunset, and watching the stars. after the last crackle of the fire, we fell asleep in the back of a car or snuggled in between sleeping bags, breathing in the cold night air with tummies full of marshmallow.

i kept wondering, how did i ever feel lonely before?

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