graphite drawings

little Personalized drawing from me to you ♥



i offer two sizes:

  • 4x6" ($30)
  • 8.5x11" ($60) 

each drawing is based on a reference image of your choosing. i prefer to paint portraits, but i'm open to any interesting ideas.

the price may vary depending on how complicated your proposal is.

you will receive the following:

  • a high quality scan of the drawing
  • the original drawing (shipping costs not covered) 

things to keep in mind


  • payment must be received before the drawing is started.
  • all transactions will be made here. DO NOT make any payments before contacting me about the commission.
  • all paintings are shipped from los angeles, california. you can opt out of this if you only want the scan.

the painting:

  • commissions are for personal, non-commercial use only
  • depending on the queue, drawings may take 1-2 weeks to be completed

special requests:

please let me know if you have any specific requests (e.g. rushed priority). i'll do my best to accommodate! :)




let's get started!

fill out the following form:

if you have one ready, include the url to the image you'd like a drawing of.