Design portfolio

I believe that technological innovation can help improve so many lives, and my challenge is to bridge the gap between that new tech and those who can truly benefit from it.


League of Legends Data Blog

Product owner and visual designer for the Clairvoyance Blog, one of the most successful editorial series for League of Legends

KorroBox: Visual Design

Branding design & frontend development for the About page and Press Kit for KorroBox: wireframing, mockups, illustration, frontend dev (HTML/CSS)

KorroBox: Product Design

Product design lead for KorroBox, a gaming platform built on blockchain: project management, wireframes, UX flows, mockups, illustrations

Taste the Insights: Event Marketing

Designer for event marketing strategy: art direction, template designs, vector illustrations, data visualization and installations

MISC. illustrations

Digital and traditional illustrations from various freelance and personal work

Infographics + presentations

Infographics, data visualizations, and presentation decks from various freelance and personal work