Infographic + Presentation design





infographics & visualizations

Various posters created for Riot Games


LoL Season in Review Proposal: This mockup was created in 2 days during a hackathon. Our team’s goal was to showcase the value in having a personalized Season in Review that showcases player gameplay data. This was quickly picked up and made into a full fledged annual project.


Presentation Deck Examples

KorroBox Presentation Decks: Here are various slides I’ve created for KorroBox’s various presentations: sales deck, investor deck, technical walkthrough, blockchain guide, etc.


Rotating Earth Day Presentation: This was created in one day to encourage Rioters to go trayless in the cafeteria.


Template for a monthly Patch Report: This was created for the data science team to use to present their findings to the executive team. Made in Google Slides & Google Sheets.


Data Science Clustering Presentation: Originally, this was designed to be just visuals accompanying a company-wide talk, but additional text was added later on to make it into a standalone deck.


Data Visualization Presentation Template: This was created as a template and guide to help our analysts, researchers, and data scientists quickly create beautiful and easy-to-understand reports for their stakeholders. Eventually, it was passed around to other teams and became the most used presentation template for reports, talks, and more. These are a few select slides from the template.