KorroBox: Web Design and Frontend Development


KorroBox: Web Design and Frontend Development



At the very beginning of KorroBox, before we had a product to launch, About & Press Kit pages needed to be created quickly to give the public an idea of what we planned to do as a company. We wanted it to be simple to browse through, easy to understand (especially for non-blockchain enthusiasts), fully communicate our mission and plans, and give a sneak peek at the “world” that we were building behind the scenes.

All of this needed to be done within one week.

Our needs changed rapidly as we switched business models early on in the company’s fruition. With the need to move fast, we planned ahead as much as possible while keeping this modular enough to switch out content as needed.

forplayers copy.png

My Role

  • Project lead

  • Wireframing

  • Quick Mockups

  • Branding (Visual & Communication)

  • Vector Illustration

  • Photography

  • Frontend development (HTML/CSS)

SPEC OUT planning


Part 1: Exploration

To get the conversations flowing, I created quick, low fidelity wireframes and used feedback from the team to get a better idea of:

  1. What should we prioritize?

  2. Does the information flow intuitively?

  3. What can we omit to simplify our message?

Part 2: Finalizing Content

We realized that we needed to create two “phases” of the about site:

  1. Before the ICO

  2. During the ICO

  3. After the ICO

Because we needed to get this site out as soon as possible, I decided to just focus on the first two phases for now, then plan for the last phase in the following month.

Phase One: Before ICO

Phase Two: During ICO

Phase Three: After ICO


Quick Mockups

At this point, our visual brand wasn’t fully formed yet, but we had a few basic ideas to explore: a teal accent color, combinations of warm-toned grays, and simple drawings to bring in visual interest.

With these explorations in mind, I skipped a full fledged mockup and went straight into building what I had in my mind.

the results

Overall, it took a total of one week to finish each iteration of the site from wireframing to coding.

First Iteration: The About site was heavily targeted towards blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts with an approachable visuals and language that would help draw in the average gamer. We were focused on the technical aspects of our product and why it would bring value to the community.

Second Iteration: As our business model changed, our needs for this About site changed. Because we moved away from an ICO, the site became more investor-friendly, focusing on the benefits of our product, our roadmap, and our growing team.


press kit

Alongside the About website, I also created a Press Kit for all of our press releases and media coverage. I designed, coded, wrote the copy, and created the downloadable kit in 2 days.

Quick wireframe sketch