Taste the Insights: Event Marketing


Taste the Insights: Event Marketing



Within the Insights (Business Analytics/Data) team, we wanted to spread the message around Riot Games about the power of data and how it can really impact the products that the company puts out. In an effort to jumpstart conversations and collaborations, our Ops team put together an event called Taste the Insights, where we held a series of 5 rotating presentations and invited all of Riot to join us for an evening of learning.


With Rioters getting constantly bombarded with new emails in their inboxes, posters in the bathrooms, and ads in the cafeteria, oftentimes things get ignored or overlooked. I wanted to find a way to grab their interest by offering an interesting fact, with each new data point roping them in further and further into our world of insights.


my role

  • Brainstorm & collect the necessary data from our Facilities and IT team

  • Spark excitement about the event to members of Insights

  • Determine art direction and design a template for quick production

  • Illustrate and finalize all posters within 1 week

  • Print posters & assemble installations, strategically placing them throughout the campus to increase engagement

getting the team involved

For this event, I asked the Insights team to come by to offer up their witty (or cringy) humor. It helped get the team talking about the event around our desks, with each person providing new ideas for the event, learning more about why the event was happening, and feeling directly involved with the messaging to Riot through these posters.

At the bottom of all posters, there is a punny call to action that leads the reader to the name of the event. For example, “Beef up your decision making at Taste the Insights” or “Player insight served piping hot at Taste the Insights.” Each post it on the poster is a suggestion offered up by one of our analysts, researchers, and data scientists.

cafeteria posters

We decided to target the areas where Rioters tend to communicate for extended periods of time, such as the cafeteria (Noms) and meeting rooms. The posters would be prevalent enough to be seen by all Rioters at some point during the day, but sparse enough so that they feel like a pleasant discovery.

  • The data point is highlighted first and foremost to spark conversation and interest in a curious point.

  • By conjuring that curiosity, we can encourage the reader to continue exploring the poster, interested to see where they can potentially learn or seek out more.

  • This visual deprioritization of the call to action (“come to our event!”) and the prioritization of a fact that brings joy (e.g. a Snapple fact!) was definitely an experiment… that paid off.

Note: Numbers in these posters have been altered.

meeting room posters

the results

With the powers of these posters, the installations, and slide presentations combined, it felt like the entire campus was saturated with these pockets of data. It was entertaining to learn about the fun facts, but it was even more interesting to observe how our behaviors changed a tiny bit with the new information. For example, “If this meeting room is booked a lot, maybe I should look for a meeting room in another area.” It got people talking about data.

An installation placed on the counter of the coffee lounge on campus.

A rotating powerpoint placed inside the dining area showcasing game-related data.

The turnout was amazing! All 5 presentation rooms were packed for the entirety of the event, with plenty of folks mingling in the breezeway. Based on surveys, most participants found out about the event through posters and installations placed throughout campus. It was a wonderful evening of sharing knowledge and inspiring others to collaborate with the Insights team to bring data into their projects.