goddamn, man child


three exposures from august in one frame. i spent all of last month getting serenaded into a somber midsummer night's dream by the sea then wrapped up in warm flannel and whispers by a good winter.

goddamn, man child
you fucked me so good that i almost said ‘i love you’
you’re fun and you’re wild
but you don’t know the half of the shit
that you put me through
your poetry’s bad and you blame the news
but i can’t change that
and i can’t change your mood
’cause you’re just a man
all through and through
your head in your hands
as you color me blue
— lana del rey 🥀
all my life
mine was a lover of a wrong kind
keepin’ what you tellin’ me
i know mine
living in a lonesome way
had me looking other ways
’cause i am, i am, i am lost here, again
but on a bright fall morning,
i’m with it
i stood a little while within it
man, you have to know
know the way it goes
— bon iver 🍂