you were floating to me in a slow motion fade


xinyi visited san francisco last week and stayed with me for a few days. i always love having an excuse to walk down this alley of murals in the mission to revisit familiar favorites and see all the new paintings emerging from a vibrant community.


i’ve been teaching for a little over a month now, it’s been full of fulfilling interactions with the kids interspersed between moments of frustration and uncertainty. sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to make a positive impact in their lives and other times it feels like any little incorrect move can unknowingly influence them negatively for all the years to come. i just hope i’m doing right by them, you know?

this week i taught the students about floor plans, proportionality, and circulation. the ones that were done early were allowed to free draw on the back of their paper. a girl drew a picture of me teaching at the white board and a group of boys drew an entire platform game level design.


i got a rug! finally!! it’s been great to roll around, take spontaneous yoga breaks, and accidentally fall asleep on the floor, which has happened far too many times considering i’ve only had the rug for 5 days. unfortunately, the cats love it even more than i do and it is quickly becoming a problem.

there’s a sweet in-between state my brain enters around midnight to 3am where the sleepiness erodes my inhibitions. it has been my preferred time to work. i love waking up the next morning and seeing my painting in the light for the first time, all the marks and colors guided by my intuition instead of my eyes.